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Periodically, when the tracker receives an uplink it will reply with a telemetry string so that the gateway can upload the balloon position to habitat as usual.The string is standard except for the addition of some status information about the uplink.Here though I’m going to use an idea provided by Philip Heron – run an old text adventure game.And to make this a group experience, I added a web dashboard that displays the terminal window in real (ish) time.So the gateway program reads the keys sent to it from the terminal program, adds them to a custom message, and sends the result to the tracker.

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Black Screen If the Interactive Sky Chart shows you a black screen, check to see if you need a Java update: go to and click on "Do I have Java" to verify your Java version.

The following diagram shows how this is achieved in software: The Lo Ra gateway is the standard release with modifications added to provide a server socket on a specified port, to which any network terminal program (e.g. In this case I have written a simple terminal program, in Delphi, that screen-scrapes the terminal window and sends the contents to a Python script, which then updates a web dashboard so that anyone with the URL can see what I see in my terminal program.

Separately (and not shown on this diagram) another Python script updates the same dashboard with the current telemetry, using data from the habitat system.

Some deep-sky objects that can be seen in binoculars are plotted too.

The applet should work properly in most Java-enabled Web browsers.So I grabbed a suitable photograph from the web, edited it fairly heavily, and incorporated in a new web server program that populates the screen with balloon telemetry and the terminal session.